Via Giacomo Matteotti, 42
97100 - Ragusa
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Palazzo Antoci

Private Events

Organizing an event in a charming place always makes the difference. When history, refinement, hospitality and attention to detail coexist, the event becomes memorable. This makes us happy.


It organizes refined concerts in the splendid halls of the building, followed by buffets and tastings.

Business Meeting

Conferences and business meetings in a refined and reserved atmosphere, with supporting technology.


Invite your guests to the prestigious halls of the building. The hospitality is that of a noble residence.


The historic halls are the ideal place to present products and services. Tastings and catering available.

Gala evenings

Large halls, mirrors, stained glass windows, antique Murano chandeliers for your unforgettable gala evenings.

Fashion shows

The luxurious atmosphere of the building makes the halls a magical place for modern fashion shows.


Palazzo Antoci


Every wedding is unique, but being able to celebrate it in a refined setting makes it memorable. Hospitality, attention to detail and the many support services make Palazzo Antoci the ideal place to organize your most beautiful day.

Palazzo Antoci
Catering and Tastings

Personalized catering for the event, with refined proposals from our Chefs. Tastings held by professionals of wines, oils, cheeses and other sought-after local products.

Palazzo Antoci
Flowers & Decorations

The secret of a refined and successful event lies in the details. For this reason we think of flowers, centerpieces, furnishings and any other adobe, including silverware, cutlery, tablecloths.

Palazzo Antoci
Music and Technology

Whatever event you wish to organize, supporting technology is now essential. We take care of video projectors, monitors, devices, microphones, amplifiers, etc...

Floor plans

Tavoli da 140 cm n. 18 x 6 pax
Capienza 150 persone sedute | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa

140 cm tables n. 18 x 6 pax
Capacity 150 people seated

Tavoli da 155 cm n. 14 x 8 pax
Capienza 112 persone sedute | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa

155 cm tables n. 14 x 8 pax
Capacity 112 people seated

Tavoli da 180 cm n. 9 x 10 pax
Capienza 90 persone sedute | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa

180 cm tables n. 9 x 10 pax
Capacity 90 people seated

Tavola Imperial - Palazzo Antoci | Ragusa

Imperial Table of 120 x 774 cm
Capacity 26 people seated