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Palazzo Antoci

Sleeping in the Palace

Palazzo Antoci is the right residence for those wishing to spend a stay full of charm and culture in Ragusa. Every room, every environment of Palazzo Antoci, exudes the charm of the past, times that guests can retrace enraptured by the distant echoes of the sumptuous parties that animated the bourgeoisie of the time.

A skilful renovation has given new life to a structure of extraordinary beauty, consisting of two suites and three bedrooms, furnished with care and originality and complete with every modern comfort.

Starting from $280 night Donna Mimì Room - Palazzo Antoci | Ragusa

Fascinating King Deluxe Suite, with a clear vintage style, the Donna Mimì stands out for its considerable size.

Starting from $220 night Donna Palma Room | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa Sicily

An intriguing Deluxe room, Donna Palma is a spacious room with unique and luxurious antique furnishings.

Starting from $220 night Donna Giulia Room | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa Sicily

Delightful King Deluxe room, Donna Giulia is the successful symbiosis between history and refined materials.

Starting from $280 night Donna Franca Room | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa Sicily

Elegant King Deluxe Suite, with Liberty furnishings for hospitality in the luxury of the Sicilian tradition.

Starting from $230 night Don Lorenzo Room | Palazzo Antoci - Ragusa Sicily

The King Deluxe Don Lorenzo room offers our guests the possibility to sleep like on clouds.


Via Giacomo Matteotti, 42 97100 Ragusa RG


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